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Our beautiful stand of trees are what make Wildergarden a forest fragment! They provide food and shelter for wildlife, and add enjoyment for all people who visit.

Trees are nature’s original wooden buildings. They have provided habitat for a profusion of land animals (including humans) since they first appeared. If you have native trees surrounding your home, you will be privileged to learn for yourself about the ecosystem services they provide.

General scientific information provides that trees remove carbon dioxide from the air, cool the atmosphere, produce oxygen, and absorb massive amounts of rainwater through their roots.

We observe that our trees supply flowers, fruits and nuts, and that after years of life, they decompose into rich soil. We observe that they provide habitat for birds and are beneficial for wildlife. Protecting trees has “tree-mendous” benefits and is a wise choice.

Interestingly, people in Indiana know a trees when they see one, although they are plants that do not have an exact botanical definition. According to, a “tree is not an immutable biological category but rather a human concept based on visual criteria.” The characteristics include woody annual growth forming thick bark, secondary branches on the trunk, and tall stature.

We conducted a preliminary tree inventory in 2021, and found that there were 271 specimens from 38 different species. The forest fragment is mostly saplings and young trees with several well-established trees. To get an idea of the size of most trees, the median diameter at breast height (DBH) was 2.3 cm. The methods we used and the results of the inventory can be viewed HERE.

Examples of trees found at Wildergarden: