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Shrubs are perennial woody vegetation with many of the same characteristics as trees. They are distinguished by having multiple stems, and are usually not more than 15 feet tall. Our shrubs are good sources of flowers and berries for wildlife. Our planted native shrubs that have thrived include arrowwood viburnum, American cranberry, ninebark, blackhaw viburnum, grey dogwood and silky dogwood.

One of the challenges of restoring forest is attracting native volunteer shrubs. The only volunteer shrub we have is dogwood. We have planted native shrubs because we value the intermediate layer of canopy they provide, in-between the tree canopy and herbaceous plants. They are key to human enjoyment of the wildlife views in a home habitat, because shrubs are closer to human eye level. Birds nesting and foraging there are easier to watch. They provide cover for wildlife at the ground level, and serve as living fences which provide ecological service by trapping and holding plant litter in the garden.

Examples of shrubs found at Wildergarden: