There is so much to learn as you embark on your journey to transform your yard back into a forest! Here are some first steps you can take to get you started. Also, keep an eye on our Events Page, and come learn with us!

Chunk of rich, black soil being held up in a hand

Monitor and Improve Soil Health

A blue rain barrel full of rainwater standing against a red brick wall with green grape vine cascading along the wall

Rainwater Management Practices

A red bucket filled with rainwater, a cardboard box of kelp meal, a steel shovel with a red and black handle, and a red wagon full of water and leaves surround a small sapling with a blue identification tag that sits in a freshly dug hole that will become its permanent home.

Explore Nature-Friendly Planting Methods

Leaf debris and drying stick interspersed with green leaves and small violet flowers.

How to use Groundcover to replace your lawn

Miriam Murphy wears a bright red winter coat and warm black hat as she uses a tape measure to determine the circumference of a tree during the tree inventory.

Tree Inventory Methods

A thought bubble with a question mark inside.

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