Protect all species while they are common so they do not become endangered.

Rosalie Barrow Edge

American Environmentalist, 1877-1962.

Who We Are

Our new non-profit (public benefit) organization was “born” at the Indiana Office of the Secretary of State on Feb. 11, 2022. Donations to support our mission are tax-exempt. 

Image of first page of Certificate of Incorporation of Wildergarden, Inc.
Image of second page of Certificate of Incorporation of Wildergarden, Inc.

Statement of Purpose / Mission Statement

Statement of Purpose

Our purposes are outlined here. My dream is to inspire, empower and guide other central Indiana homeowners to do nature restoration. We use inventories and mapping to document ecological improvements. Our community  strategy is to link yards, parks and greenways into an increased amount of ecologically-connected acreage. Indiana was mostly forested before European settlement. Over the last two centuries, forests have been fragmented into small pieces by development. We believe that even small private land parcels can be restored into valuable biological places in and of themselves, and  collectively into a large area across our county and state functioning as a forest garden.

To this end, we seek measurable benefits, such as: 
Plant and Animal Diversity
  • People plant more native trees in their yard.
  • Current valued birds and wildlife will not become extinct.
Environmental Improvements
  • Fragmented habitats support each other’s biodiversity.
  • Year-round support for a variety of pollinating and soil-maintains insects.
  • Less runoff of stormwater, soil and agrochemicals from yards into local streams and rivers.
  • Conservation practices become widely used.
  • Noticeably improved air quality.
  • People include environmental protection in the family budget. 
Economic Benefits
  • Trees and wildflowers increase real estate value.
  • Trees improve the economic value of our economy, by storing carbon from the atmosphere.
  • Lower annual heating and cooling costs due to shade and windbreaks.
Increased Human Health and Wellbeing
  • Enjoyment of nature each time you enter and leave your home.
  • Forest provides a healing environment for the human body, especially immune- compromised individuals.
  • Birdwatchers on their patios will see increased diversity of birds.

Our 501(c)3 designation means that donations to support our mission are tax-deductible!